Is there anybody there? … 1st March

March 2, 2019

Both of my readers were in touch recently to see if there was any particular reason for the recent lack of content on my blog.
I of course, explained that I don’t consider the blog to be a vehicle for sharing what I had for my tea and that it is primarily a Fishing blog.
Having reconfirmed that the blog content relies heavily on fishing, we decided to go!


The Carrog beat, so thoroughly explored with Dylan only two days previous was to be the venue before it became off limits at the weekend.
Again, the unseasonably mild weather was most welcome and suggested that the fish might be a tad more active than they actually were.


I had heard tales from last weekend of flush Olive hatches that sent the Grayling into a feeding frenzy but that spectacle sadly eluded us today.
We had to work very hard to tempt fish and opportunities to catch were few and far between so it was especially pleasing that everyone eventually connected with fish.


Perhaps we just need more practice!

A big male Grayling
Another good fish, marked but fighting fit.

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