Who Could Ask for Anything More? … 29th September

October 3, 2020

The lockdown is fast approaching and I could hear the ‘Countdown’ theme playing in my head as I lay in bed this morning.

I often whinge about the conditions ‘not being right’ but I have to say that they looked and felt PERFECT today. So much so that I knew I just HAD to go back to the Dee.


I love guiding and teaching but this short season hasn’t left as much time for me to fish certain waters. In particular, the private stretch that I usually guide on.

There have been a few occasions recently when the fishing has been so good that I’ve been close to wrestling the rod from my clients hands.

However today, I there was nobody there but me and I spent a few hours focussed on a stretch no longer than 50 meters in length.

Very little wind, a moderate temperature and slight cloud cover almost guaranteed some dry fly sport. A small Klinkhammer, and a G.H. Cul de Canon were engulfed by some hungry Grayling and whilst there were no rising fish to target, it was almost possible to predict a take with the right presentation over the right water. Just great Grayling fishing!

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