Best of Both….18th September

September 22, 2020

Have you ever got to the boundary marker of a beat and seen fish rising just out of reach on another clubs water?

The solution is obvious, join both clubs! This is exactly what CADAC vice chairmen Dylan has done for years so his offer of a guest ticket was eagerly accepted.

CADAC‘s St. David’s beat runs directly into the Capenhurst Angling Club waters so this would give us both a huge expanse of varied water on which to spend our annual outing.


The morning was spent on the Capenhurst water and as this beat is open, long and straight, the cold morning breeze made the fishing uncomfortable and the casting tricky. For that reason I started off with the nymph rod whilst Dylan doggedly stuck to his Retirer sedge dry fly.

It proved a good strategy as whilst I’d had a good haul of decent sized Grayling, Dylan had connected with a couple of monsters, both of which sadly declined their ‘close ups‘.

The car was on the border of the two beats so after lunch and a very welcome brew courtesy of Dylan’s Jetboil, we spent the afternoon on CADAC stretch.


By now the sun and the temperature were up and although no fish we rising, they were higher in the water column.

The Retirer continued to work its magic alongside the duo and some wonderful Grayling were caught in the glorious Autumn sunshine.

Add to that the usual gear trials, equipment reviews, fly swaps and discussions on waters and techniques, it was as usual, a very enlightening and enjoyable day.

Cheers Dylan!

Dylan playing a huge Grayling
This big Grayling escaped before the ‘grip & grin’
One of the days few Trout
Another goo Grayling coms to the Retirer

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