Browns and Bows for my Little Bro…4 June 2021

June 9, 2021

It has been another glorious week of guiding and fishing on English rivers. One of the highlights was finally managing to drag my younger brother Steve out of his recording studio and onto the Derbyshire Wye.


He has in recent months, been managing to tempt a few course fish to take a fly on his local stretch of Nottingham’s river Trent but this was an opportunity to go after some wiley, hard fighting Trout in almost perfect conditions.

We had some early success on a nymph through some broken water and the slower pool just above it produced a couple of cracking fish but he was eager to fish a dry fly so the change of set up was made.


It was very bright so stealth was paramount on the thin, clear waters as even a shadow was enough to send the fish darting for cover. However, once we’d addressed our approach and made the necessary tweaks to Steve’s presentation, he was able to wander up the river picking off quality fish on a dry fly.
Not easy given the conditions.
Good angling, bro!

Bro’s biggest Brown Trout of the day…
…was closely followed by his best Rainbow
Another good fish on!
A perfect wild brownie takes the Klinkhammer
Casting a shadowy figure…
Pays dividends!

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