Deep Joy! …17th April 2021

April 17, 2021

This week ended with a couple of days guiding on the Dee.
With the gauge on the Corwen stretch down at 0.45, the river is as low as I’ve seen it for some time. The water is still a little cool and the trout are yet to show but it’s not all bad news.

The river height and clarity mean that you can get to areas that are normally inaccessible AND that you can spot likely fish holding areas like boulders and depressions in the riverbed.


Anglers on both days caught several out of season Grayling and we were treated to appearances by mink, kingfishers, sparrow hawks, lampreys, red kites and oystercatchers. All against a backdrop of the beautiful Welsh countryside.

The river may be shallow but the joy is deep!

The river is ‘on its bones’
…but we still found fish.
There were a few Grannom in the air
A pair of nesting lampreys
Casting practice

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