Out Of My Depth! … 16th October

October 16, 2020

Back in September, I got a call from Don Stazicker, ace flyfisher, film maker and co-author of the groundbreaking ebook ‘Trout and Flies – Getting Closer’. He wanted to know if I’d be interested in guiding him on the river Dee for a possible Trout & Salmon Magazine feature he was planning.


I’ve known Don from various river skills days he’s hosted and I was a devotee of ‘Fly Fishing Lessons TV’, an innovative online resource he ran with Steve Yeomans a few years back. Don’s knowledge and attention to detail are legendary and his work is known and respected around the world.

Don was to be accompanied on the day by Richard Faulks, a professional photographer who was himself a keen fly fisherman. Richards work with T&S had taken him to some very special places to photograph and fish with many world class fly fishermen.

So what the hell was I supposed to show them?

Before my brain had even begun to answer that question, my mouth had accepted.

Fortunately, it went ok.

Trout & Salmon November 2020 issue.

The take! Perhaps I should focus on photography?
Don and fish pose for the camera
Richard shows us how it’s done!
One on the dry fly for “the guide”
A good photographer is always prepared!
…..and relax!

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