An evening with … 13th August

August 15, 2017

Theres been precious little to report recently due to the river being up and down like ‘a scarlet ladies undergarments’ so I took the chance to do some outstanding jobs. A new floor in my office, a much needed repair and upgrade of my computer and a huge tidy up of fishing gear filled some of the days that I was unable to get on the river.


There has however been one fun event, an evening with Peter Arfield. Chiara bid for this prize at last years British Fly Fair (BFFI) to help raise funds for Casting for Recovery, a charity that uses fly fishing to help recovering cancer patients. Our evening was to take place on a stretch of the river Wye in Derbyshire that is controlled by the Peacock Fly Fishing Club.


Peter Arfield is the proprietor of the famous Bakewell Fly Fishing Shop as well as being an AAPGAI Instructor and guide. He is also a well known fly fishing historian and is extremely knowledgeable about the very important role that Derbyshire has played in the development of what we now know as fly fishing so it would at least be educational.


The rules of the Peacock fishery specify that there is absolutely no wading and that anglers are restricted to the use of one dry fly only. This fly can be fished up or down stream but it must be a true dry fly, so no ‘Klinks’ or ‘Emergers’ are allowed.


Even with all of the restrictions, we still managed a few fish but the fishing itself was almost a distraction. It was a real privilege to experience this water and Peters tales and anecdotes only added to the atmosphere.


We finished off with a swift half in the equally famous Peacock at Rowsley where a gentleman sporting white gloves brought our drinks to the table. A most pleasant and civilised evening. Thank you Mr A.

Thank you and goodnight!

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