Feast to Famine…15th June

June 18, 2020

With the big flies now done for this season and the river shrinking away in the summer sun, the fishing gets a little more tricky.

Stealth now becomes really important as the fish not only become super spooky but almost shut down after gorging themselves on the larger, early season insects. Only small, perfectly presented flies will do… if you can find a fish that is feeding.

So today’s exploration of a new beat was both very informative (for me) and very frustrating (for Chiara).


After being able to pretty much cast anywhere and wait for a fish to spot your fly, we were now stalking individual fish and having to tighten up sloppy casting and noisy wading.

This drastic change took a bit of getting used to but it’s all the more satisfying when you finally execute a perfect approach and presentation.

Very few fish today but we enjoyed the challenge…or at least, I did.

Summer levels present present a real challenge
Spot the fish!
This huge Rainbow Trout took a very small fly
A very fine river Wye Brown Trout

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