Grayling!…22nd June

June 24, 2020

Grayling are back in season and whilst one of Europe’s top Grayling rivers is still off limits to me, I’ve been able to reacquaint myself with this beautiful creature on rivers other than the Welsh Dee.

As this strange season trundles on, I’m presented with a unique opportunity. The good weather, relaxed restrictions and the postponed guiding have meant more actual fishing time for me than is usual at this stage of the season.

Without the pressure to get clients into fish during these long, hot summer days, I’ve spent much more time walking and reading the rivers I’ve been able to fish.


It’s a common misconception that if you’re not continually casting a fly rod, you won’t catch fish. At this time of the year, the exact opposite can be true. Causing a disturbance by repeatedly casting a bright fly line over crystal clear waters will only send the fish bolting for cover. The chances are that after your first couple of casts at a rising fish, subsequent casts are falling on to uninhabited water.

Make every single cast count by taking time to carefully get into position, make a note of trees and snags and work out how you are going to get your fly to drift perfectly over that fish the FIRST time it hits the water.

Tight lines!

First legal Grayling of the season
Wade stealthily, watch out for trees and cast accurately in low water conditions

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