Grayling!…Sunday 24th

November 26, 2019

On Sunday, we stole a very welcome couple of hours on one of CADACs less visited stretches of the river Dee.

The river is trying to get back to normal but persistent rain and water releases from local reservoirs have kept the level high.

The forecast for the coming week showed even more rain so Sundays level of 0.68 was probably the best we would get for a few more days.


On arriving in North Wales the many cars parked around the town waters confirmed my suspensions that many anglers would be seizing this fleeting opportunity to get amongst the Grayling.

A slight mist and a temp of 9 degrees had us hoping for some serious sport.
The fish however were quiet. One of the two rising fish we saw showed interest in the Klinkhammer of Chiara’s Duo rig but it managed to evade capture.


I spent my time searching the likely, slacker spots with my double nymph rig.

Only 4 fish netted but they were all welcome and there were a couple of crackers in there too.

First Grayling of the day … and the month!
Small, but perfectly formed.
Another fit Winter Grayling.
The days best Grayling at well over 40 cms…
…is safely released

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