Happy Holidays! … 21st August 2021

August 21, 2021

The last couple of weeks have been dominated by school holidays.
Good weather, bored kids and desperate parents invariably results in the masses making a beeline for the nearest body of water.

Paddling, swimming, rafting, stone skimming and Pooh sticks have all negatively affected my catch rate recently but it is good to see people enjoying the countryside.


The major downside is that it has been both horrendous and treacherous getting around the country. The roads have been jammed with holidaymakers who seem to need to take the entire contents of their homes away with them.

I actually saw a camper van towing a small car which was itself towing a trailer loaded with bikes, boats and other essential summer paraphernalia!


There are some positives to the summer hols though. Firstly, it brings people to the area who want to experience fly fishing.

It also allows those in full time work a chance to get out midweek as opposed to just on the weekends.

I even had a couple of holidaymakers who needed a break from their holiday (ie, their kids) and who came for a quick lesson.


In stark contrast to lockdown, there seems to be people everywhere but I suppose that with international travel still up in the air (see wot I did?) there are far fewer people on foreign holidays. Selfishly though, I hope it all quietens down again soon.

When do they go back to school?

Phoebe checks her D loop while Josh offers ‘advice’.
Aaron with a near perfect back cast
Team building exercises on the river Dee
There were some quiet spots of the Dee though

…and the river Ceiriog behind the fishery
…held the odd escapee and some truly wild Brownies

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