Mayfly Mayhem! … 7th June

June 13, 2019

The Mayfly hatch usually spans the end of May and the beginning of June. During this period, known affectionately as ‘Duffers Fortnight’, these huge flies cause great excitement for fish and fishermen alike.


The fish go wild because these flies are huge and packed full of protein. Even the wiliest and most cautious fish are tempted to the surface for the epic but short lived hatches of these giant insects.

…And of course if the fish are less cautious, they ‘should’ be easier to catch!


On the Derbyshire Wye, the majority of the action takes place during the first week in June but it’s in the lap of the gods as to whether you experience a proper ‘flush’ hatch or just a prolonged gentle ‘trickle’ hatch.


We were lucky to experience both. We also experienced a ‘hatch’ of additional Flyfishers, many of whom had travelled great distances to fish this great and seasonably generous river.
There was even a bit of ‘argy-bargy’ when some posh geezers, envious of our success, suggested we ‘move along’ and allow them fish in our spot. This of course, did not happen!


What did happen was that everyone (with the exception of Tarquin and Seymour) filled their boots. Fish, ducks, wagtails and dippers all gorged themselves on the hapless Mayfly and we flyfishers enjoyed some great sport too.


There were some big fish around and the one filmed was rising under the trees against the far bank. That strange whining sound you’ll hear is a stifled primal scream. I’m not proud of it but its preferable to what might have come out!



The little wild Brownies loved the big juicy Mayflies…
As did the big wild Rainbow!
Some stunning fish were caught
Even with broken tails, this Mayfly is the length of Chiara’s thumb!
CLFFC President Mike with a cracking Rainbow.
Visiting angler Gavin lands an excellent Brown Trout

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