One Last Cast!…1st July

July 3, 2019

A short morning lesson lesson on the Dee today meant that I could spend the afternoon catching up on admin etc. I bade my client Tim ‘Au Revoir” and left him happily searching for something a little larger than the 20 plus small Grayling, Trout and Salmon Parr we’d caught.
Heading back to the car I spotted a nice riffle upstream of where I’d left Tim fishing with a dry fly. “Hmm” I thought. “I have the Nymph rod in my hand, my waders were already wet, why the hell not?!”
With eyes now firmly fixed on the inviting riffle and the potential bounty contained therein, I strode guiltily but purposefully back towards that temptress that is the river Dee! Sadly, my progress was halted by an unseen bolder. I tripped, fell and snapped my favourite nymph rod in not one but two places! My lack of discipline has again proved costly.

It’s been a depressing and expensive week! But then that’s fishing sometimes…depressing and expensive!

Tim searching the calmer water with a dry fly
Tim with my favourite Nymph rod. I think he must have weakened it, somehow!

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