One for the Road…25th September

October 3, 2020

The Goyt Trout season ends on 1st October. That means that with a relatively full diary, today would be my last chance to catch a decent one legally.

The journey to the river was littered with roadworks and traffic lights that added almost an hour to my usual travel time. On arrival, the heavy winds and intermittent showers did nothing to lift my spirits.


I fished for an hour and a half without any interest and with half an hour left, was just looking to find a little wild Brownie to make the trip worthwhile.

Then I spotted what looked like it could be a good Trout lie. It was a tough cast under branches and into a deep hole adjacent to some tree roots. I put the first cast exactly where I wanted it and the indicator immediately slid down into the depths.


It was only the only fish of the day but it was a beauty and a fitting way to end what has been a very weird Trout season.

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