Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away…7th June

June 7, 2020

There was a little bit of rain today! I was selfishly hoping that in addition to swelling the river, it would keep the dog walkers, stone skimmers and BBQ‘ers indoors.

It did exactly that early doors but as the day wore on and warmed up, the rain stopped and the Sunday Strollers took advantage of the break in the weather.


Before then, I searched the ‘obvious’ waters in vain but didn’t have any joy until I focussed on the deeper, slower water. The water was up and coloured and the strong, brown flow was in stark contrast to the crystal clear trickle I experienced last time I was here.

That said, murky water means that you and your tippet are slightly less visible than usual. It also means that you can’t see the bottom or the snags so stepping up a tippet size is a good idea in such conditions as you won’t lose as many flies.


No small fish at all today, just 4 good solid fish tempted and 3 landed. Unfortunately, the best of the bunch threw the hook and make good it’s escape.


Ooh, that looks fishy!
Or at least, it did until “Major” decided to check it out.
This Wild Brownie put up a proper scrap.
Consolation prize after losing a monster on the previous cast.

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