Short Days, Long Winter…. 2nd & 3rd December

December 6, 2019

Two half days on the ice cold Dee have been good for the soul
but with a catch rate averaging out at just one fish per hour, I’m happy with my decision not to fish in this weekends Hanak Grayling Festival…as I should imagine, are my former team mates!


Although this weeks fishing was hard, it was great to finally have the river at a decent and wadable height again.

The sport can be slow on these frosty mornings so I like to start a little later and dodge the rush hour traffic.

The middle of the day is usually the warmest and most productive period as this is when the insects and therefore the fish are at their most active. Even though I saw two Olives hatch, the fish were bolted to the bottom and only nymphs would tempt them.


Sadly, there is yet more rain forecast for the coming week so it looks like I’ll have to resume the tasks of sorting, servicing and upgrading my gear in readiness for the coming Trout season.

If however, an opportunity to fish for Grayling presents itself…I will be ready!

This Grayling bears the scares of a Cormorant attack.
…but this one is perfect!

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