Summer So Soon?…. 28th May

May 28, 2020

Having missed Winter and Spring, it was a little weird to be fishing in the toughest Summer conditions on only my third visit to a river this year.

I’m not complaining mind you as I know many of you are still unable to get to the rivers you love so when you can, here’s what you can expect.

Searing heat, ultra low crystal clear waters, a general public that has adopted a “what the hell” approach to social distancing and of course the absolute privilege of being able to stand by or in a river with the possibility of catching a fish.


I spent very little time actually fishing. Most of the time I walked the banks, spoke to walkers and paddlers and sat down to watch the river and it’s spectacular wildlife.


When you finally do get out, tight lines and fish safe!

No point prospecting here.
…but slightly further upstream, gold!
…and silver
Best to the net.

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