True or False? … 20th May

May 30, 2019

You never know who you’re going to run into on the river.

After my adventures up on the Eden, I headed for an afternoons fishing the Wye near Monsal Dale.

To be honest I was hoping to find the car park empty and have the water to myself but when I arrived there were 3 cars already parked there.


Roger, a fellow Corwen committee member was there for the same reason as me but the other two car owners were involved in something a little more intriguing.

Don Stazicker, guide, writer and photographer extraordinaire was busy filming Peter Hayes, author of the book “Fishing Outside the Box” for their upcoming joint book release in which they seek to challenge many of the so called ‘Laws’ of Flyfishing.

Don Stazicker
Peter Hayes


With the aid of drones, underwater and bank-side cameras, they hope to finally confirm or dismiss many of the fly fishing theories that have been accepted for decades.

Don added “We’re not necessarily out to disprove common held beliefs but with today’s technology, we are able to observe things that it just wasn’t possible to see when some of these theories were formulated”.

Peter explores the contents of a Trouts stomach
Drones and dries both need some attention.


Giving an example, Don spoke at length about our understanding of the fishes ‘window’ and how perhaps some of the ‘triggers’ we incorporate into our fly patterns might not be as effective as we think.


It sounds like a very interesting project and knowing these two gentlemen as I do, it should really make you think.

The book, ‘Trout and Flies: Getting Closer’ , with groundbreaking video links, should be available as a Kindle electronic book just in time for you to put it on your Christmas list.

If you wish to go on the mailing list for advance notice of publication e-mail Don at


I’d spent so much time talking about fishing that it was 5.30 before I actually got into my waders. I decided to move well downstream of the activity as I’d watched Peter pull several fish from the pool he was just about to vacate. Besides, I didn’t want these two gentlemen analysing my fly fishing technique!

In the end, I did manage a great hour or so’s fly fishing before the wind whipped up and the sun started to sink behind the hills.

Another fabulously enjoyable and informative day on the river!

A stocked Brownie from the stump roots
A vividly coloured wild Brownie from under the bank
Another quality Wild Brown Trout.
The sun sets on a massive Wye Rainbow.

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